Characters & Roles

The Voyagers

We’ve designed our NFT collection with relatability and inclusiveness for our holders. There is a diverse mix of creators out there in this space, ranging from traditional artists and musicians, to savvy engineers, to investors and beyond. We wanted to create a collection that gave holders the opportunity to truly identify with their NFT and leverage it as somewhat of a “user profile” which grants certain access based on their skillset. With that said, we’ve created 6 character types which we’ve further broken down below.
Each NFT represents one of 6 types of creator in the space: founders, artists, developers, investors, marketers, and collectors (for those who are merely interested in the space without identifying as any of the above). This process will allow us a unique opportunity to select participants for our creator-specific events, facilitate connections between different skill-sets, and unlock unique benefits for each type of creator. Imagine an artist lab in the metaverse for our artist holders to come together and create collab pieces and collections. The possibilities here are truly endless and present limitless potential to the community.

Last modified 5mo ago