NVN World Tour

NFT Creators Unite! Have you joined the movement yet?
Enough is enough.
It’s time to take matters into our own hands and turn things around.
Whether you’ve already minted and are looking to revitalize your community, or are anxiously preparing to launch your project in this bear of a bear market, it’s time to get behind the Resurgence Movement and the Nexus Voyagers Network World Tour.
The Resurgence movement is about building a global network to help NFT creators, producers and influencers harness their collective expertise, their relationships, and their passion to help all members of the network drive a rebound in this space and get us all to a better place.
The power of unity and the power of the network has been proven in history to be unstoppable.
Are you ready?
To come hang and network IRL with other Resurgence Revolutionaries in a city near you check out our growing global roster of cities https://www.nexusvoyagers.events/
ALL ATTENDEES FROM ANY OF THE WORLD TOUR DATES WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY ADDED TO THE PRESALE LIST FOR OUR UPCOMING NFT DROP Nov. 17 + one attendee from every city will be randomly selected to receive ONE free Nexus Voyagers Network NFT!