Boarding Pass - FREE MINT

Nexus Voyagers Network: Boarding Pass is your entry on the Genesis Voyage: PFP Collection, Founders Network, IRL/Hybrid Experiences, & Project Launchpad

5000 NFTs minted out in under an hour!

Holder Benefits


Expand your network beyond chats and comments.
  • Access to the OG Creator Network of movers and shakers who support each other on the NFT creation journey.
  • A bounty hub empowering freelancers, project teams, and agencies alike.


Global Events to facilitate authentic connection between creators and resources in the space, while also showcasing your creations and innovations from within our community.
  • VIP Access to IRL & Digital Experiences (VIP Line, Collectibles, Perks).
  • Lotto - Ticket Raffles to the Largest Web3 + Tech Events, premium tool access, PR opportunities and more.


The Nexus Voyagers Network is here to guide you on your journey via project advisory, consultations, and continued support from ideation through project launch.
  • Builder Spotlight: Boarding Pass holders will be carefully vetted with qualifying projects getting stage time and speaking opportunities at events.
  • Alpha Access to Web3 Creators Roundtable.

Genesis Voyage

Holders of the Boarding Pass will have automatic Presale Access to our upcoming PFP NFT collection.